Call for Papers | 征稿启事

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


1. New Generation IS Engineering 

Agile enterprise models and architecture
Context-aware and adaptive management
Distributed, mobile and open architecture
Ergonomic architectures and design
High volume and complex information management, big data
Intelligent, sustainable and viable IS
IS for collaboration 
IS for idea flow
Open data management
Quality of IS models and design
Service science and innovation
Social computing
Visualization in IS 

2. Architectures and Platforms in and for IS Engineering 

Cloud-based IS Engineering
Integrated architectures and virtualization
Internet of services
Internet of things
Multi-agent IS Engineering
Multi-platform IS Engineering
Service oriented IS Engineering 

3. Models, Methods and Techniques in IS Engineering 

Actor driven IS Engineering
Business process modeling, analysis, and engineering
Compliance and alignment handling
Conceptual modeling, languages and design
Domain engineering methods
Method engineering
Mining, monitoring, and predicting
Models and methods for evolution and reuse
Requirements engineering
Variability and configuration management 

4. Domain Specific IS Engineering 

City management
Cyber-physical systems
Educational IS
eGovernment and public sector
Industrial ecology management
Industry 4.0
Intellectual heritage
IS for healthcare
IT governance
Value and supply chain management  

5. Multi-aspect IS 

Content management and semantic Web
Creativity and innovation
Data and knowledge intelligence
Decision support
Enterprise capability management
Organizational learning
Security and safety management
Sustainability and social responsibility management
Workflow management  
Color schemes
Background image
Theme schemes