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2017.07.24 Good News! Welcome Prof. Heng Chen from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China give Speech at conference! | 欢迎中国科学院陈恒教授在大会上发表演讲! (Read More)

2017.07.06 Good News! 2018 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Engineering (ICISE2018) will be held during May 4-6, 2018 in Shanghai, China. | 2018年第三届信息系统工程国际会议将于2018年5月4-6日在中国上海召开。

2017.04.06 Good News! ICISE 2017 was successfully held in College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA during April 1-3, 2017(Read More).

Past News


    2017.02.04 News! Welcome Prof. Caihong Li  join in Technical Committee and Imran Ghani, Dr. Wesley Deneke, Dr. John W. Burris, Dr. SOUVIK PAL and Dr. Marouane EL MABROUK join in Reviewer Committees !

    2017.01.09 News! Welcome Dr. Prantosh kumar Paul  join in Reviewer Committee!

     2016.12.31 Good News! Submission deadline of ICISE 2017 has been extended to January 25th, 2017!

    2016.12.12 News! Welcome Asst. Prof. Abdullah Basiouni, Asst. Prof. Ameera Jaradat and Asst. Prof. Jawad Berri  join in Reviewer Committee!

     2016.11.22 Good News! Submission deadline of ICISE 2017 has been extended to December 30th, 2016!

    2016.09.23 Good News! Welcome Prof. Anu Gokhale from Illinois State University, USA give Speech at conference! (Read More)

    2016.08.23 Good News! Welcome Prof. Driss Benhaddou from University of Houston, Texas, USA give Speeche at conference! (Read More)

    2016.08.19 Good News! Welcome Mr. Imran Memon from Zhejiang University ,China join in Reviewer Committee!

    2016.07.28 Good News! Papers of ICISE2016 are indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus!   (Read More)

    2016.07.21 Good News! Welcome Prof. Houssain Kettani from Florida Polytechnic University, USA and Prof. Chen-Huei Chou from College of Charleston, USA give Speeches at conference! (Read More)

    2016.07.18 Good News! ICISE 2017 will be held in College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA during April 1-3, 2017!  

    2016.04.25 Good News! ICISE 2016 was successfully held in Los Angeles, USA during April 20-22, 2016! (Read More)

    2016.03.19 Good News! ICISE 2016 conference program is available now!

    2016.03.16 Good News! One-day tour of Los Angeles is available now, please join in!

    2016.01.26 Good News! Welcome Prof. Richard Korf from University of California, Los Angeles, USA to give Keynote speech at conference!

  • 2016-2-26, Good News!  Welcome Dr. Chun-Wang Wei from Far East University, Taiwan join in our Technical Committee!

    2016-1-29, Good News! Welcome Prof. Abdelkader Belkhir and Assoc. Prof. Masrah Azrifah Azmi Muradjoin in our Technical Committee!  

    2016-1-11, News!  Submission deadline of ICISE2016 has been extended to February 10,2016 !

  • 2015-12-12, News! Welcome ccos. Prof. Driss Benhaddou to give Keynote speech at conference.

  • 2015-12-1, News! Submission deadline of ICISE2016 has been extended to January 10,2016 !
  • 2015-10-19, News!  ICISE2016 focused on academic communication, to encourage scholars attend conference, we has decreased the registration fee 50-100 dollars compared with last year. Please check the details on the registration page.

  • 2015-09-15, News, ICISE2016 will be hosted at Holiday Inn Los Angeles-Intl Airport! !

    2015-08-04, NewsWelcome Prof. Rory McGreal and Prof. Dr. Houssain Kettani to give Keynote speech at conference!

  • 2015-07-08, NewsICISE2016 will be held in Los Angeles during April 20-22, 2016! Welcome to join us!

  • May 14 , 2015 Good News! ICSIS 2015 and its workshops were successfully held in Las Vegas. Photos are available to download!

    April 10 , 2015 Good News! The conference program is available now! 

    March 23 , 2015 Good News! Registration deadline has been extended to March 30!

    March 10 , 2015 Good News! Welcome Prof. Rory McGreal to give Keynote Speech at conference !

    Jan. 20 , 2015 Good News! Submission of ICSIS 2015 has been extended to Feb.15, 2015!

    Dec.22, 2014 Good News! Submission of ICSIS 2015 has been extended to Jan. 20, 2015!

    Dec.17, 2014 Good News! Welcome IMRAN MEMON from Zhejiang University join ICSIS 2015 as Reviewer!

    Dec.16, 2014 Good News! Welcome Dr. Wei Huang from Google Inc. join ICSIS 2015 as Reviewer!

    Nov.20, 2014 Good News! Registration of ICSIS2015 is open now!

    Nov.20, 2014 Good News! Registration of ICSIS2015 is open now!

    Aug.28, 2014 Good News! ICSIS2015 will be hosted at Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas!

    Jun.25, 2014 Good News! ICSIS2015 will be held in Las Vegas during May 9-10, 2015!

    2014-5-12 iCISE 2014 was successfully held in Hays during May 9-10, 2014!

    2014-4-18 iCISE 2014 Conference Program is ready 

    2014-4-14 Dr. Houssain Kettani will deliver Keynote Speech on iCISE2014 

    2014-4-10 Hays Regional Airport (HYS) is Closed in May!

    2014-2-12 Registration of iCISE2014 is starting now!

    2014-2-1 Submission of iCISE2014 has been extended to Mar. 5, 2014!

    2014-1-28 Fort Hays State will host international IT conference

    2014-1-27 FHSU to host 2014 iCISE conference  

    2014-1-2 iCISE2014 has been listed on EDAS conference list!

    2014-1-1 iCISE2014 committee wish everyone a happy new year.

    2013-11-25 iCISE2014 invited Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to deliver Keynote Speech on the conference.

    2013-11-5 iCISE2014 will be held in Hays, Kansas, USA.


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