ICISE2021 Keynote Speakers

Prof. Patrick Y.K. CHAU | 周荫強 教授

Vice Provost for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Li Dak Sum Chair Professor in Information Systems and Operations Management

University of Nottingham Ningbo China, China | 宁波诺丁汉大学


Professor Patrick Y.K. Chau joined the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) as Vice Provost in Research and Li Dak Sum Chair in Information Systems and Operations Management in March 2019. Prior to joining UNNC, he has served at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) for almost twenty years during which he has held various management positions including Director of the School of Business and Associate Dean at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In the academic community, he was the Founding President of both the College for Academic Leadership, Association for Information Systems (AIS) in 2015-2017 and the Hong Kong Chapter of AIS in 2006. He was also President of the Chinese Association for Information Systems (ChAIS) in 2005-2007. He served on the Council of AIS twice, once as a Council Member representing the Asia-Pacific Region (2000-2003) and the other time as Vice-President for Meetings and Conferences in 2006-2008.
Professor Chau is known for his research in IT adoption/implementation and electronic commerce. He has close to 100 journal publications which are well cited by scholars in the academic community. Many of his papers published in various top-tier and highly reputed journals, including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Association for Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, and many others. As of February 2019, the total number of citations of his papers in Google Scholar has reached over 17,500 with an H-index of 51. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Information & Management (ABS Level 3) and a Senior Editor of Journal of the Association for Information Systems (ABS Level 4).
Professor Chau’s academic achievements and contributions have been recognized by a number of appointments and award, including Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professorship by the Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China in March 2010, Padma and Hari Harilela Professorship in Strategic Information Management at The University of Hong Kong in February 2014, Qiushi Chair Professorship at Zhejiang University, China in September 2014, and Li Dak Sum Chair Professorship at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China in September 2017. He also received the AIS Fellow Award in December 2013, an award by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) to no more than six scholars in the discipline of Information Systems each year globally. He was also invited and is now serving on the International Advisory Board of the Consumer and Organisational Data Analytics (CODA) Research Centre of King’s College London (KCL) in the U.K., the FinTech and Digital Governance Research Centre of the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan, and the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Dalian University of Technology, China.

周荫强教授于2019年3月加入宁波诺丁汉大学担任副校长(科研)和李达三信息系统及运营管理首席教授。在加入宁波诺丁汉大学之前,他曾在香港大学任职二十年。期间,他担任了多个管理职位,包括商学院院长和经济及工商管理学院副院长。在学术界,他于2015年至2017年间任信息系统协会(AIS )学术领导学院创始院长以及2006年信息系统协会香港分会的创始主席。他在2005至2007年间担任华人信息系统协会会长。 周教授以其在信息技术采用/实施和电子商务方面的研究而闻名。他发表了近100篇期刊,受到学术界的广泛引用。截至2019年2月,他在Google学术搜索中的论文总引用次数达到17500以上,H指数为51。
卓越的学术成就和社会贡献使周教授得到了多项任命和奖项的认可。2010年3月周荫强教授获中华人民共和国教育部长江学者讲座教授,2014年2月在香港大学获任命Padma and Hari Harilela战略信息管理教授。2014年9月在浙江大学获聘求是讲座教授,2017年9月在宁波诺丁汉大学担任李达三首席教授。他于2013年12月获颁发信息系统协会院士称号——每年在全球信息系统学科中不超过六名学者能获得此称号。  


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2021 the 6th International Conference on Information Systems Engineering
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